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International Development Studies

MA & MSc Programs


Kris Inwood (716 MacKinnon, Ext. 3536)
(E-mail: kris@css.uoguelph.ca)

Graduate Co-ordinator
Frans Schryer (707 MacKinnon, Ext. 2505)
(E-mail: fschryer@uoguelph.ca)

Graduate Secretary
(704 MacKinnon, Ext. 8966)

Administrative Staff of Select Departments

Department of Agricultural Economics and Business:
Graduate Coordinator Alphonse Weersink
Graduate Secretary Audrey Donley x2771

Department of Animal and Poultry Science:
Graduate Secretary Wendy Bauer x 6215

Department of Economics:
Graduate Coordinator David Prescott, x2185
Graduate Secretary Ann Bolger, x6341
Chair Christopher J. McKenna 726 MacKinnon Building, x6341

Department of English:
Graduate Secretary Sharon Ballantyne x6315
Graduate Coordinator Patrick J. Holland x3271

Department of Geography:
Graduate Secretary Clarine Lace x6721
Graduate Coordinator Ray Kostachuk x8189

Department of History:
Graduate Secretary Barbara Merritt x6528
Graduate Coordinator Donna Andrews x3196

Department of Philosophy:
Graduate Secretary Barb Mitterer x3888
Graduate Coordinator Kenneth Dorter x3218

Department of Political Studies:
Graduate Secretary Millie MacQueen x3895
Graduate Coordinator Patrick Kyba x3487

Department of Rural Extension Studies:
Graduate Secretary Sally Stoddart x6780
Graduate Coordinator Jana Janakiram x2241

University School of Rural Planning and Development:
Graduate Secretary Sally Stoddart x6780
Graduate Coordinator F. Harry Cummings x3637

Department of Sociology and Anthropology:
Graduate Secretary Millie MacQueen

Graduate Coordinator Frans J. Schryer x2505

     The Collaborative International Development Studies (CIDS) program provides a focal point for graduate teaching and research in the area of international development. The program combines training in a particular discipline with exposure to a broad range of social-science perspectives. Faculty expertise encompasses various aspects of development in Asia, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe and the Americas.

MA and MSc Programs

     Students wishing to pursue MSc or MA degree with the designation "International Development Studies" must enter the CIDS program through a participating department. Students meet both departmental and CIDS requirements. More detailed information is available in the CIDS Graduate Studies Handbook.

Admission Requirements
     Students must meet the admission requirements of the department of their choice and demonstrate familiarity with conceptual frameworks employed in the social sciences.

Degree Requirements
     Students complete CIDS core requirements and requirements designated for CIDS students by the relevant department. Following are requirements for select departments; consult the graduate calendar for other departments. One CIDS core course may be waived if a student has taken a comparable course at the senior undergraduate level.


  • One of Women and Development ANTH*6460 or Culture and Technology ANTH*6360 or Social Change in Rural Agricultural Systems ANTH*6420
  • One of Urbanization and Development GEOG*6400 or Political Identities, Territory and Territoriality GEOG*6450 or Land Use and Agricultural Systems GEOG*6200
  • One of Economic Development in Historical Perspective ECON*6730 or World Agriculture and Economic Development AGEC*6660 or Economic Development ECON*6350 (with permission of Instructor)
  • One of Development and Administration POLS*6750 or Comparative/International Politics of Development POLS*6730 or International Rural Development Planning Principles and Practices RPD*6030 or Program Planning and Evaluation in Rural Extension Studies REXT*6230
  • International Development Studies Seminar IDEV*6100

Optional Courses
     Students in the collaborative program may undertake any course offered by a collaborating department with the permission of the instructor. There are also two optional interdiscplinary courses available listed below.

Departmental Requirements
     Programs in departments not listed below are designed by special arrangements.

Agricultural Economics and Business (MSc)
* Micro Theory ECON*3710 or ECON*6000
* Macro Theory ECON*4810

* One of the following:
* Multivariate Research Methods COST*6060 Mathematical Programming AGEC*6360 or Introduction to Econometric ECON*6050
* World Agriculture and Economic Development AGEC*6600 (if not taken as part of CIDS core)
* One additional agricultural economics course
* A thesis
* NB: a departmental course from the policy area may substitute for the Politics course in the CIDS core.

Anthropology (MA)
* Anthropological Theory ANTH*6080
* Qualitative Methods ANTH*6140
* Either a thesis or Major Paper
* ANTH*6660 and one additional course

Economics (MA)
* Micro Theory ECON*6000
* Macro Theory ECON*6020
* Introduction to Econometric ECON*6050 or Econometrics I ECON*6140
* Research Project ECON*6940
* N.B. Economic Development ECON*6350 may substitute for the economics component of the CIDS core

English (MA)
* Approaches to Research and Theory ENGL*6010
* One other English course and a thesis, or
* two other English courses and the Research Project ENGL*6803

Geography (MA)
* Reseach Methods GEOG*6090
* One other Geography course
* Either a thesis or two additional Geography courses, one of which must be Research Project in Geography GEOG*6180

History (MA)
* Historiography I HIST*6000
* Historiography II HIST*6020
* Two additional History courses (only one if the CIDS core includes Economic Development in Historical Perspective ECON*6370)
* Either a thesis or Major Paper HIST*6400
N.B. Historical Conceptions of the City HIST*6390 may substitute for the geography component of the CIDS core

Philosophy (MA)
* MA Seminar PHIL*6950
* Either a thesis or research paper (in conjunction with Guided Research Project PHIL*6990)
* Additional philosophy courses in consultation with the department

Political Science (MA)
* Political Research: Theories and Approaches POLS*6940
* Either a thesis or POLS*6970 Major Paper and 1.0 additional course credits (normally from the Political Science Department)

Rural Extension Studies (MSc)
* Adult Learning and Development REXT*6060
* Foundations of Rural Extension REXT*6070
* Program Planning and Evaluation in Rural Extension REXT*6230
* Two additional courses from the following group
* Research Design in Rural Extension Studies REXT*6260
* Extension Methods REXT*6311
* Management Theory and Practice in Rural Extension REXT*6390 (only one course from this group is needed if the CIDS core includes Women and Development SOC*6460)
* Either thesis or Major Research Paper REXT*6900

Rural Planning and Development (MSc)
* Rural Planning and Development Theory RPD*6240
* International Rural Development Planning RPD*6030
* Rural Development Planning Synthesis RPD*6400
* One additional Rural Planning course
* A graduate level research methods course
* Either thesis or Major Paper REXT*6900

Sociology (MA)
* Sociological Theory SOC*6070
* Research Methodology SOC*6120
* Proseminar SOC*6700
* Either thesis or Major Paper SOC*6660 and one additional course

Course/(Credit Value) Term Course Description
Regional Context (0.5)
   This reading course provides an opportunity for in-depth investigation about a particular region in preparation for a thesis, major paper or research project. The Course normally is directed by the student's adviser.
International Development Studies Seminar (0.5)
  A bi-weekly seminar discussion of issues which arise in the study of international development. Led by faculty and visitors from a variety of disciplines.
Fieldwork in International Development Studies (0.5)
 This course recognizes an intensive commitment to research in an archival repository, 'in the field' or at an appropriate development institution in Canada or abroad. The course normally is directed by the student's adviser.


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