2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

Appendix A - Courses

Agricultural Economics

AGEC*6020 Economics of Food Safety and Quality U [0.50]
The overall aim of the course is to explore economic aspects of food safety and quality and the ways in which economics can aid understanding of food safety and quality issues.
Prerequisite(s): ECON*3710 or ECON*6000.
AGEC*6070 Research Methods for Managers F [0.50]
The objective of the course is to provide students with a working knowledge of quantitative and qualitative techniques used in the analysis of management problems. The emphasis is on the application and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative methods rather than on theoretical background.
AGEC*6100 The Methodology of Economics W [0.50]
Alternative views on the methodology of economics are reviewed and assessed. The process of problem identification in the development of a research project proposal is investigated.
AGEC*6110 Marketing Research W [0.50]
A study of marketing research analysis in agribusiness firms, with emphasis on the marketing research function and the application of quantitative problem solving techniques.
AGEC*6120 Marketing Management F [0.50]
A study of marketing decision-making in agribusiness firms, with emphasis on the formulation of strategic marketing plans
AGEC*6130 Special Topics in Financial Management U [0.50]
An advanced course for students who wish to explore current and future topics in financial management, trends and problems in financial management, and capital and investment theory related to food and agribusiness firms.
AGEC*6140 Food and Agribusiness Strategic Management U [0.50]
An advanced course requiring the application of conceptual, analytical, problem identification, and problem solving skills to develop organizational strategy. Food, agribusiness and other cases are used to explore the development and implementation of strategy and to assess the dynamic relationship between strategy and competition.
AGEC*6180 Financial and Managerial Accounting F [0.50]
This course emphasizes the gathering and use of financial information to facilitate effective financial and management decisions. Cases are used to approach the subject from the perspective of the user of accounting information rather than that of the supplier.
AGEC*6200 Financial Management W [0.50]
This course takes the viewpoint of the senior financial officer of a commercial enterprise. The focus is on the management of cash, accounts receivable, inventories and capital assets, as well as on the sourcing of funds through short-term liabilities, long-term debt and owners' equity.
Prerequisite(s): AGEC*6180
Restriction(s): Non MBA students only by permission of instructor
AGEC*6220 Agricultural Policy W [0.50]
A critical analysis of contemporary issues in the agricultural policy of affluent economies, with emphasis on Canadian policies.
AGEC*6230 Food and Agribusiness Economics and Policy W [0.50]
An analysis of economic and policy issues relevant for food and agribusiness managers in affluent economies, with emphasis on the economic and policy environment that exists within North America.
AGEC*6240 Agricultural Trade F [0.50]
An examination of conceptual and empirical problems, policies, and institutional arrangements in international trade of agricultural products.
AGEC*6250 Futures and Options W [0.50]
The theory and application of futures, options and other derivative securities for marketing, risk management, and investment purposes. Emphasis is placed on application of the instruments to real business situations, and on the development and implementation of trading strategies designed to meet the precise needs of specific business clients.
AGEC*6260 Managing Business Risk U [0.50]
This course is designed to help students recognize, measure and understand different components of business risk. Case studies are used to explore and evaluate risk management alternatives and to implement and monitor risk mitigating strategies. Corporate responsibility in relation to risk management is also addressed.
AGEC*6320 Cost Benefit Analysis S [0.50]
A presentation of the theory and methods used in cost benefit analysis. The course will examine selected case studies; and it will include a discussion of both renewable and non-renewable resources.
AGEC*6360 Mathematical Programming F [0.50]
A study of the algebra, assumptions and economic logic of important optimizing techniques and their application to problems in quantitative economics.
AGEC*6400 Advanced Topics in Agricultural Economics S [0.50]
The application of economic theory and various contemporary tools of economic analysis in solving production problems in the agricultural sector of the economy.
AGEC*6410 Operations Management I S [0.50]
Overview of the management problems involved in planning, operating and controlling the systems used in operations, with emphasis on farm and agribusiness applications.
AGEC*6420 The Economic of the Firm: Concepts and Applications F [0.50]
This course examines the traditional production economics literature on production functions, cost functions and profit functions as those relationships are used in applied economics analysis. The theory behind the certainty equivalent profit model and its application to decision making under risk is introduced. Optimal capital replacement models used agricultural economics are studied. Finally, selected new developments in the economic theory of the firm are examined.
AGEC*6430 Case Studies in Farm Management U [0.50]
Identification of problems and opportunities on selected representative farms; use of selected management tools for diagnostic analysis and planning; evaluation of relevant management strategies based on the concept of management as a continuous decision-making process.
AGEC*6540 Advanced Price Analysis W [0.50]
The application of microeconomic theory to agricultural commodity modelling, with emphasis on the specification, estimation and interpretation of supply, demand and market equilibrium models.
AGEC*6570 Advanced Agricultural Marketing Analysis S [0.50]
A study of agricultural and food marketing problems with particular emphasis on the application of economic theory and research methods to selected empirical problems.
Prerequisite(s): ECON*3710 or ECON*6000
AGEC*6600 Agriculture in Economic Development F [0.50]
The course is concerned with the role of agriculture as a source of food, fibre and employment in developing countries. The interaction between agriculture and other sectors of the economy and other countries is also examined.
Prerequisite(s): ECON*1050 and ECON*1100
AGEC*6610 Economics of Renewable Resources F [0.50]
This course is concerned with the optimal use of renewable resources, i.e., resources that exhibit growth or regeneration over a cycle. Models of dynamic allocation are discussed and the role of government in altering the market allocation is considered.
AGEC*6630 Regional Economic Models U [0.50]
Theories and research in regional economics stressing regional development, socio-economic accounting, analysis of structure and growth, economic base and multiplier models.
AGEC*6690 Program Evaluation U [0.50]
An advanced seminar dealing with the theory and practice of program evaluation focusing on public sector programs in agriculture and rural development, international and domestic case studies.
AGEC*6700 Advanced Resource Economics W [0.50]
Seminar on the literature, current research, and methods of analysis in natural resource economics.
AGEC*6720 Readings in Agricultural Economics F,S,W [0.00]
A reading course on selected topics of special interest. May be offered to individual students or to groups of students in any semester.
AGEC*6750 Problems in Agricultural Business F [0.50]
Seminar course with industry speakers, in preparation to AGEC*6760, and leading to a formal business project proposal.
AGEC*6760 Major Project in Food and Agribusiness Management U [0.50]
Management project leading to a referenced technical report on some aspect of food and agribusiness management. Completion of this course requires a formal presentation o the project to faculty and students.
AGEC*6800 Seminar in Agricultural Economics F,S [0.50]
Students in the MSc and PhD programs must present a department seminar on a topic of the student's choice in agricultural economics. For MSc students the seminar must be presented by the completion of their fourth semester in the program.