2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

Appendix A - Courses


BIOP*6000 Concepts in Biophysics W [0.50]
This course will emphasis basic concepts in molecular, cellular and structural biophysics arising from key journal publications and their impact on present day research trends.
BIOP*6010 Biophysics Seminar U [0.00]
Public seminar presented by all PhD students in the Biophysics program. This seminar is to be presented within four semesters from entry to the program. The course is optional for MSc students.
Prerequisite(s): Prerequisite BIOP*6000.
BIOP*6950 Advanced Topics in Biophysics U [0.50]
This course provides opportunities for graduate students to study special topics in contemporary biophysical research under the guidance of graduate faculty members with pertinent expertise. Proposed course descriptions are considered by the Director of the Biophysics program on an ad hoc basis, and the course will be offered according to demand.