2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

IV. Degree Regulations

Graduate Diploma: International Rural Development Planning


The postgraduate diploma program requires the demonstration of a reasonable mastery of a concentrated field of study. This is attested by achieving satisfactory standings in a minimum number of graduate courses equivalent to 2.5 credits.

Prescribed Studies

The program requires the completion of five graduate courses (2.5 credits), including a major professional paper (0.5), as well as field studies course(s). At least three of the courses (1.5 credits) must be taken in the school. The courses selected must be acceptable to the school and the dean of Graduate Studies for graduate credit. These substantive courses comprise the candidate's prescribed studies, in which the student must obtain an overall weighted average grade of at least ‘B-' (see Establishment of Program and Prescribed Studies).

Additional Courses

In addition to these prescribed studies, the candidate may take ancillary courses supportive of the special discipline. These courses may be at either the undergraduate or the graduate level.