2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

VII. Fees

University Academic Fees

Tuition Fees

The following schedule of tuition fees will apply.

Schedule of tuition fees per semester

Canadians and Permanent Residents
Full-time $1720.00
Part-time* $1152.00
Special (Non-degree) per course $ 861.00
International Students
Full-time $2825.00
Part-time* 1883.00
Special (Non-degree) per course $1412.00

* The student is obliged to show cause for declaring part-time classification; see Classification. Note that the maximum course credit load for part-time students is 1.0. International students are not permitted to register part-time.

Changes to Fee Assessment

International students who are studying on study permits and whose immigration status changes, or those who may be eligible for the regular tuition fees but are charged the international student tuition rates, must present acceptable official documentation to Graduate Program Services. To effect a change of fees in a particular semester, the documentation must be presented not later than the last working day prior to June 30 (summer semester), November 1 (fall semester), or February 1 (winter semester).

Co-operative Education fee $200.00

Payable by all students in each (academic and work) term of an approved graduate co-op program.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens, who are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents, are aged 65 years and over as of the first day of the month in which a semester commences, and who are admitted for registration, will be exempt from the payment of tuition, student organization and other fees. Course material fees may apply for some courses