2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

II. General Regulations


Letter of Permission

Persons completing graduate programs at universities outside Ontario for whom it is necessary to complete some course work at the University of Guelph may apply for admission to a non-degree program on a Letter of Permission.

Any such students must complete the normal University of Guelph Application for Admission form. A letter must be submitted to Graduate Program Services by the dean of graduate studies at the student's home university which outlines precisely what the student is expected to complete while at Guelph. This letter must also state that the work completed at Guelph will be a part of the student's program at the home university. No further admission documentation is required.

Students admitted on a Letter of Permission will register as special non-degree students. Students are responsible for requesting that transcripts of work completed at Guelph be sent to their home university.