2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

II. General Regulations

Description of Graduate Students


Regular Student: An applicant who has met the university or program admission requirements, is considered for admission as a regular student.

Provisional Student: An applicant whose qualifications for meeting the minimum university or program requirements appear uncertain, may be considered for admission as a provisional student. This category is unavailable for applicants who clearly do not meet the minimum university admission requirements as assessed by Graduate Program Services. While provisional, the student's program will include at least one graduate course in each semester and may include active involvement in supervised thesis research. If at the end of one semester the department is satisfied with the student's progress, it will recommend to the dean transfer to regular student status. Upon such transfer, the student will receive credit for courses completed. If transfer to regular student status is not achieved at the end of one semester, the student may be permitted to continue for a second semester as a provisional student. At the end of this time, the record will be reviewed as before. If transfer to regular student status is not recommended, the student may be required to withdraw.

Special Student: Students who are not currently registered in a graduate degree or diploma program and who wish to take graduate courses for professional upgrading and/or personal interest should apply to Admissions Services. At the time of application to Admissions Services, the applicant should indicate clearly that they wish to apply as an undergraduate student, and that they are not registered for a graduate degree or diploma at that time. A registered undergraduate student may take a graduate course with the permission of the chair or director of the academic unit offering the course and the permission of the instructor of the course. In certain limited circumstances, graduate courses taken by undergraduate students may be credited to a graduate program at the University of Guelph. See Graduate Program Services for details.