2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

VIII. Graduate Programs


MBA Program

Admission Requirements

Admission as a student is granted, on recommendation of the department concerned, to:

  1. the holder of an honours baccalaureate (4 year degree) or its equivalent (from a recognized university or college) with an average standing of at least a "B-" (70-72%) in the last four semesters or the last two undergraduate years. At least three years of managerial experience is also required. Or,

  2. the holder of:

    • a diploma in agriculture and/or;

    • a diploma in agriculture and/or;

    • an acceptable professional designation; having completed at least five years experience showing progressive increase in responsibility.

The normal academic requirement for admission to the MBA Degree program is a four-year baccalaureate degree and minimum three years of relevant industry experience.

Applicants are also admitted on the basis of prior learning gained through substantial workplace experience. In some cases the admissions committee may ask for a (GMAT) Graduate Management Admissions Test.

Degree Requirements

On average participants allot 20 to 25 hours per week to study and participate in the program. This is an approximate number of hours and may vary depending on personal learning style. Students normally complete the MBA in Agribusiness Management in 36 months. Course modules are completed in a pre-determined sequence and are typically two months in length, some variations exist. Students must complete the program within six years of commencement.

The Electronic MBA in Agribusiness Management is completed in two segments:

Core Courses

Requires participants to complete seven core management courses which provide a foundation Students complete the following courses: Human Resource Management, Financial and Managerial Accounting, Foundations of Leadership, Management Communications, Research Methods, Financial Management and Operations Management.

Specialization Courses

Consists of courses in applied aspects of agricultural business management. Eight courses are required for this phase, or six courses and a major research project.

Major Research Project

The research project is comprised of developing a research proposal, researching an applied agribusiness problem and requires data collection, analysis and the ability to link understanding of the problem with an appropriate body of literature.

Computer System Requirements

Students are required to have adequate peripherals to support the learning system, which include CD-ROM capability and a sound card. A basic level of computer literacy is strongly recommended for the MBA program. For information pertaining to computer equipment requirements contact the Faculty of Management office. Students are solely responsible to arrange for the purchase/maintenance of the recommended computer system and software.

Program Fees

Contact the Faculty of Management office for current tuition fee information.