2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

VIII. Graduate Programs



Plant Physiology

BOT*6403 Seed Development and Germination (even years) U [0.50]
Physiological, biochemical and molecular aspects of seed development and germination and establishment of the seedling will be discussed in lectures and discussions of recent advances in the literature.
BOT*6438 Plant Metabolism U [0.50]
Physiological and biochemical aspects of the mechanism whereby plants sustain themselves. Emphasis will be placed on the interactions between different processes. Offered in conjunction with BOT*4380. Extra work is required of graduate students.

Cellular and Molecular Biology

BOT*6030 Plant Cell Biology (odd years, first offered in 2003) U [0.50]
An examination and discussion of structure-function relationships at the subcellular level during plant growth and development. Organelles and their roles in biosynthetic, bioenergetic, and physiological processes that are unique to plants will be examined. Offered in conjunction with PBIO*4030. Extra work is required of graduate students.
IBIO*6100 Molecular Evolution U [0.50]
This course is designed to provide students with an appreciation for the uses of molecular data in the study of evolutionary processes. An overview of the principles of molecular data analysis using a phylogenetic approach will be given. In addition, the importance of incorporating evolutionary history into biodiversity research and other applied topics will be emphasized. Laboratory sessions will be devoted to practical training in analytical tools using specialized computer software, and for student presentation of independent research projects. The course will involve practical training in molecular data analysis using a phylogenetic approach and discussion of current topics from the primary literature
BOT*6601 Molecular Basis of Plant-Microbe Interactions U [0.50]
A lecture and seminar course on recent advances in the study of plant-microbe interactions. Topics included are the biochemical, physiological and genetic aspects of plant defenses and the interaction of plants with pathogenic and mutualistic bacteria, fungi and viruses. Offered in conjunction with PBIO*4000. Extra work is required of graduate students. Also offered as ENVB*6040.

Plant Anatomy and Morphology

BOT*6405 Modern Approaches to Plant Ultrastructure U [0.50]
An introduction to some of the recent advances in electron microscopy and laser scanning confocal microscopy and their application to ultrastructural studies of plant systems.


IBIO*6000 Advances in Ecology and Behaviour U [0.50]
This is a modular course in which several faculty lecture and/or lead discussion groups in tutorials about advances in their broad areas, or related areas, of ecology and behaviour. Topics may include animal communication, optimal foraging, life-history evolution, mating systems, population dynamics, niche theory and food-web dynamics. The course includes lectures and seminars in which the students participate. Offered annually.