2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

VIII. Graduate Programs

Land Resource Science

MSc Program

Admission Requirements

In addition to the minimum requirements stated elsewhere in the Graduate Calendar, admission to the graduate program is dependent on the availability of an advisor, space and funding.

Students entering the MSc program will be expected to have taken, or be familiar with the content of, introductory courses in atmospheric science, soil science, earth science and land resource management, either through appropriate courses or a program of self study.

Degree Requirements

All students in the MSc program are required to enroll in the two-course sequence Research Issues I and II. The objectives of these courses are to enhance the skills needed for a research career (including cross-disciplinary research); foster the development of superior communication skills; increase the student's awareness of major issues related to land resources, and current research; and provide an environmental, social and economic context for this research. It is recommended that students enrol in the courses during their first year.