2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

VIII. Graduate Programs


DVSc Program

The Department of Pathobiology participates in the DVSc program which provides a balance of advanced training in a discipline in veterinary medicine, combined with a thesis-research project. The program emphasizes diagnostic and health management aspects of veterinary anatomic pathology, veterinary clinical pathology, veterinary clinical microbiology, clinical immunology, laboratory animal science, wildlife and zoo animal pathology, avian medicine and pathology, and fish pathology. The research project addresses an applied aspect of a significant disease problem in vertebrates. The program provides practical training towards specialty certification in veterinary anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, veterinary clinical microbiology or veterinary parasitology. Refer to the Veterinary Science section of the calendar for more information.

Admission Requirements

Applicants require a DVM (or equivalent) degree with high academic standing from a program that provides eligibility for the practice of veterinary medicine in Ontario. Alternatively, applicants with a DVM (or equivalent) degree can be admitted after completion of an acceptable graduate diploma, MSc, or PhD degree with an upper 'B' average. Admission requires the identification of a faculty advisor and a source of personal support for the student. If these have not been arranged by the applicant, a statement of the applicant's interests and objectives and supportive letters of reference are required to assist with the identification of an appropriate faculty advisor and potential sources of funds for research and student stipend. Several stipends for DVSc candidates are available intermittently for training in some disciplines serving the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. As these funds become available, stipends are awarded to the most qualified applicant(s) based on completed applications for admission to the DVSc program. Applications may be submitted at any time. Initial enrolment can be in the fall, winter or summer semesters.

Degree Requirements

The degree requires a minimum of nine semesters of full-time study; completion of department's graduate seminar course, the completion of at least 2.5 credits in other courses prescribed by the student's advisory committee with an overall average of at least 'B-', and satisfactory completion of a qualifying examination, thesis and final oral examination.

See also the DVSc Degree Regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.