2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

VIII. Graduate Programs


Administrative Staff

Graduate teaching and research in physics at the University of Guelph are operated through the Guelph-Waterloo Physics Institute.

Director of the Institute
Jamie Forrest (Waterloo, Ext. (519) 888-4567, Ext. 7598)
Administrative Assistant for the Program
Margaret O'Neill (Waterloo, Ext. (519) 888-4567, Ext. 7598)
Departmental Chair
James Davis (211 MacNaughton, Ext. 52659/58541)
Departmental Graduate Co-ordinator
Eric Poisson (448 MacNaughton, Ext. 53949)
Departmental Graduate Secretary
Reggi Vallillee (209 MacNaughton, Ext. 52262)