2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

VIII. Graduate Programs

Rural Extension Studies

Interdepartmental Programs

International Development Studies Collaborative Program

Rural Extension Studies participates in the collaborative international development studies (CIDS) program. Students take a minimum of 2.5 course credits in the school and a minimum of 2.5 credits in international development studies. The MSc degree for students in this program will have the specialist designation rural extension studies: international development studies. Please consult the International Development Studies listing for a detailed description of the collaborative program including the special additional requirements for each of the participating departments.

Rural Studies PhD Program

Rural Extension Studies is a major participant in the PhD in rural studies in the field of sustainable rural communities. Included in the graduate faculty for the program are G. C. Filson, J. Janakiram, A. Lauzon (PhD Rural Studies Director), J. Mahone, H. Hambly Odame, and R. Ramirez. This PhD program provides opportunties for students to be advised by faculty in this program. PhD students will enroll in the interdepartmental Rural Studies program.