2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar


December 10, 2004

Chapter I Schedule of Dates

The following revision was made:

  • The addition of the schedule for Summer 2005, Fall 2005, Winter 2006

Chapter II General Regulations

The following revision was made:

  • Application for Admission: English Proficiency: revision to wording

Chapter VIII Graduate Programs

The following modifications were made:

  • Agricultural Economics and Business: editorial changes to PhD Degree Requirements

  • AGBU*6070 Research Methods for Managers: new course

    AGBU*6100 Food and Agribusiness Economics and Policy: course change

    AGBU*6120 Marketing Management: new course

    AGBU*6180 Financial and Managerial Accounting: new course

    AGBU*6200 Financial Management: course change

    AGBU*6400 Food and Agribusiness Strategic Management: course change

    FRAN*6550 Research Seminar: course change

    HIST*6450 Quantitative Evidence and Historical Methods: new course

    COST*6720 Special Topics in Housing and Real Estate: new course

    Philosophy: editorial changes to MA Admission Requirements

    POLS*6960 Directed Readings: new course

    PSYC*8000 Clinical Internship: new course

    Resource and Environmental Economics: editorial changes to PhD Program Description

Chapter X Graduate Awards and Financial Assistance

The following revisions were made:

  • Alumni Doctoral Entrance Scholarship (OAC): deletion

  • Marian Brennan and Hedley Harrision Memorial Scholarship (OAC): addition

    J. Ross Cavers International Exchange Research Grant (OAC): deletion

    J. Ross Cavers Research Travel Grants in Poultry Science (OAC): deletion

    Dairy Farmers of Ontario Doctoral Research Assistantship: revision

    Joan Doherty Travel Scholarship (CSAHS): addition

    Ploughshare Scholarship (OAC): description correction

    Quality Management Institute Graduate Scholarship (CSAHS): deletion

    Tony Scherman Graduate Scholarship (COA): addition

    Maurice and Catherine Smith Award (OAC): increase to $1000 award

    The John Vanderkamp Graduate Medal (CSAHS): CSAHS designation

    Vétoquinol Scholarship in Geriatrics (OVC): addition

    Vétoquinol Scholarship in Swine Health (OVC): addition

    Waltham Scholarship (OVC): deletion