2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar


May 10, 2005

Addition of Appendix

Chapter VIII Graduate Programs

The following modifications were made:

  • Agricultural Economics and Business: MSc admission and degree requirements changes

    AGEC*6080 Information Systems in Agribusiness: deletion

    AGEC*6090 Small Business Taxation: deletion

    AGEC*6141 Business Policy: deletion

    Agriculture: degree requirements changes.

    Business Studies: admission, degree and course requirements changes.

    CLIN*6200 Concepts and Application of Infection Control: new course

    CLIN*6280 Advanced Equine Veterinary Orthopaedics I: deletion

    CLIN*6290 Advanced Equine Veterinary Orthopaedics II: deletion

    CLIN*6310 Advanced Equine Veterinary Orthopaedics: new course

    CROP*6010 Physiology of Crop Yield renamed: PLNT*6010

    CROP*6050 Cytogenetics in Plant Breeding deletion

    CROP*6060 Cytogenetics in Plant Breeding Laboratory deletion

    CROP*6100 Advanced Crop Breeding renamed: PLNT*6100

    CROP*6120 Protein and Oilseed Crop Breeding renamed: PLNT*6120

    CROP*6130 Corn Breeding renamed: PLNT*6130

    CROP*6150 Plant Breeding - The Profession renamed: PLNT*6150

    CROP*6160 Quantitative Genetic Variation in Crop Populations renamed: PLNT*6160

    CROP*6170 Statistics in Plant Breeding renamed: PLNT*6170 Statistics in Plant Agriculture

    CROP*6180 Application of Plant Breeding Principles deletion

    CROP*6230 Colloquium in Crop Physiology and Management renamed: PLNT*6230

    CROP*6250 Colloquium in Genetics, Cytogenetics, and Plant Breeding renamed: PLNT*6250

    CROP*6260 Advanced Crop Genetics renamed: PLNT*6260

    CROP*6240 Colloquium on Weed Management in Agrosystems renamed: PLNT*6240

    CROP*6020 Issues in Food Safety Risk Analysis renamed: PLNT*6020

    CROP*6300 Current Research Problems and Field Techniques deletion

    CROP*6400 Seminar renamed: PLNT*6400

    CROP*6500 Applied Bioinformatics renamed: PLNT*6500

    CROP*6660 Teaching Practicum in Crop Science deletion

    FRAN*6450 Cultural Perspectives on the Family: new course

    Fine Art: admission requirements changes.

    Food Safety and Quality Assurance: degree requirements changes

    FSQA*6500 Food Safety and Quality Assurance Research Project: single course (not double course)

    History: MA degree requirements change.

    HTM*6510 Hospitality and Tourism Revenue Management: delete co-requisite

    HTM*6100 Organizational Theory and Design: deletion

    HTM*6110 Foundations of Leadership: title change

    HORT*6170 Postharvest Physiology renamed: PLNT*6110

    HORT*6220 Advanced Studies in Pomology renamed: PLNT*6220

    HORT*6480 deletion

    HORT*6490 Colloquium in Physiology of Ornamental Crops renamed: PLNT*6490

    HORT*6000 deletion

    HORT*6050 Principles and Application of Plant Tissue Culture renamed: PLNT*6050

    HORT*6500 Seminar renamed: PLNT*6410 Applied Bioinformatics and revision

    International Development Studies: GEOG*6340 Human Environment Systems Analysis: core course deletion

    PHIL*6580 Clinical Internship in Bioethicist: deletion

    Physics: MSc and PhD admission and degree requirements changes.

    PHYS*7030 Introduction to Quantum Field Theory: calendar description change

    PHYS*7840 Advanced General Relativity: new course

    PHYS*7850 Quantum Field Theory for Cosmology: new course

    PHYS*7860 General Relativity for Cosmology: new course

    PHYS*7970 MSc Project: credit change

    PHYS*8900Interuniversity Graduate Course in Biophysics: deletion from Biophysics program only

    Political Science: application procedure changes.

    Psychology: admission and degree requirements changes.

    PSYC*6020 Clinical and Diagnostic Interviewing Skills: new course

    PSYC*6890 Legislation and Professional Practice: new course

    Rural Studies: degree requirements changes.

    Sociology and Anthropology: application procedure changes, admission and degree requirements changes.

Chapter X Graduate Awards and Financial Assistance

The following revisions were made:

  • A.W. Archibald Memorial Bursary (OAC): deletion

    Arts Alumni Doctoral Entrance (ARTS): deletion

    David and Carolyn Biesenthal SCholarship (OAC): addition

    Bio-Research Laboratories Scholarship (OVC): deletion

    CBS Alumni Doctoral Entrance Scholarship (CBS): deletion

    CPES Alumni Doctoral Entrance Scholarship (CPES): deletion

    CSAHS Alumni Doctoral Entrance Scholarship (CSHAHS): deletion

    Pearl Lyons Memorial Scholarship (OAC): addition

    Dr. J.F. McCorquodale Scholarship (OVC): deletion

    Kiyoko Miyanishi Graduate Geography Scholarship (CSAHS): addition

    Quinn Memorial Scholarship (OAC): addition

    N.R. Richards Scholarship (OAC): revision

    OAC Alumni Doctoral Entrance SCholarship (OAC): deletion

    OVC Alumni Doctoral Entrance Scholarship (OVC): deletion

    Rogar/STB Scholarship (OVC): deletion

    Yeandle Family In-Course Bursaries (CSAHS): revision