2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar


June 28, 2005

Chapter VIII Graduate Programs

The following modifications were made:

  • AGEC*6411 Operations Management II: deletion

    CROP*6050 Cytogenetics in Plant Breeding: deletion

    CROP*6060 Cytogenetics in Plant Breeding Laboratory: deletion

    CROP*6180 Application of Plant Breeding Principles: deletion

    CROP*6300 Current Research Problems and Field Techniques: deletion

    CROP*6660 Teaching Practicum in Crop Science: deletion

    HORT*6000 Projects in Horticultural Science: deletion

    HORT*6480 Colloquium in the Environmental Physiology of Horticultural Plants: deletion

    HIST*6080 Topics in Tudor-Stuart History: deletion

    HIST*6150 Scottish Archival Research: new course

    HIST*6090 The Reformation in the 16th Century: deletion

    HIST*6190 Topics in Scottish History I: course title & description change

    HIST*6200 Topics in Scottish History II: new course

    HIST*6230 Canadian History I: course title & description change

    HIST*6310 Topics in Modern Europe II: new course

    HIST*6280 Canadian History II: course title & description change

    HIST*6300 Topics in Modern Europe I: course title & description change

    HIST*6340 The Enlightenment: deletion

    HIST*6370 Topics in Cultural History: course title & description change

    HIST*6380 Topics in Early Modern European History: new course

    HIST*6390 Historical Conceptions of the City: deletion

    HIST*6500 Topics in Global History: new course

    HIST*6520 Topics in Latin American History: new course

    HIST*6540 Topics in South Asian History: new course

    PHYS*7470 Optical Electronics: course title change

    PLNT*6250 Colloquium in Genetics, Biotechnology and Plant Breeding: course title & description change

  • POPM*6230 Applied Clinical Research: new course

Chapter X Graduate Awards and Financial Assistance

The following revisions were made:

  • Mrs. Fred Ball Scholarship: revision

    Herbert F. Crown Memorial Scholarship for Conservation and Rural Development: revision

    The Jane Nelson Stirling Cairns Grier Scholarship in Scottish Studies: addition

    Robert J. Hall Memorial Poultry Scholarship: revision

    H.H. Harshman Foundation Doctoral Scholarship: revision

    F.W. Karasek Scholarship: addition

  • Ontario Egg Producers' Thomas R. Graham Scholarship: addition