2004-2006 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar


September 2, 2005

Chapter VIII Graduate Programs

The following modifications were made:

  • BOT*6301 Plant Ecology: deletion

    BOT*6404 Theoretical Plant Biology: deletion

    BOT*6406 Restoration Ecology: deletion

    BOT*6412 Evolutionary Ecology: deletion

    BOT*6501 Topics in Flowering Plant Morphology: deletion

    BOT*6800 Seminar I: deletion

    BOT*6801 Seminar II: deletion

    Computing and Information Science: PhD seminar requirement change

    HTM*6210 Hospitality Facilities and Systems: Planning and Development: deletion

    HTM*6400 Managing International Hospitality Institutions: deletion

    MCB*6010 AdvancedTopics in Biochemistry: new course

    MCB*6110 Protein Structural Biology and Bioinformatics

    MCB*6210 Structure and Function of Biological Membranes: new course

    POPM*6290 Statistics for the Health Sciences: title and description changes and pre-requisite added

    ZOO*6000 Advances in Ecology and Behaviour : renamed IBIO*6000 Special Topics in Ecology

    ZOO*6010 Advances in Physiology: renamed IBIO*6010

    ZOO*6020 Advances in Evolution: renamed IBIO*6020

    ZOO*6040 Special Topics in Animal Ecology: renamed IBIO*6040 and revision

    ZOO*6060 Special Topics in Evoloution: renamed IBIO*6060

    ZOO*6070 Topics in Advance Zoology I: renamed IBIO*6070 Topics in Advanced Intergrative Biology I and revision

    ZOO*6080 Topics in Advance Zoology II: renamed IBIO*6080 Topics in Advanced Integrative Biology II and revision

    ZOO*6090 Special Topics in Physiological Zoology: renamed IBIO*6090 Special Topics in Physiology and revision

    ZOO*6630 Scientific Communication: renamed IBIO*6630 Scientific Communication I and revision

    ZOO*6640 Graduate Seminar: renamed IBIO*6640 Scientific Communication II and revision

Chapter X Graduate Awards and Financial Assistance

The following modifications were made:

  • Angela and Frank Agro Memorial OGS Fund: addition

  • Bayer CropScience OGS Fund: addition

    Ilona Diener Memorial OGS Fund: addition

    Dr. John and Joan Gandier Memorial OGS Fund: addition

    Anna Hovaned OGS Fund: addition

    Val Hovanec OGS Fund: addition

    Syngenta OGS Fund: addition

    TD Bank Financial Group OGS Fund: name change