2006-2007 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

Appendix A - Courses

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

FSQA*6000 Food Safety and Quality Assurance Seminar U [0.00]
Students are expected to present two seminars during the course, one on current advances and issues in an approved area and one on their research project. Faculty associated with the program also present seminars. Students are expected to attend all seminar sessions.
FSQA*6500 Food Safety and Quality Assurance Research Project U [1.00]
An original research project related to food safety and quality assurance which includes the preparation of a written report suitable for publication and an oral presentation of the findings to the graduate faculty.
FSQA*6600 Principles of Food Safety and Quality Assurance U [0.50]
An integrated approach to factors affecting food safety and quality including microbial and chemical contamination is provided. Major food-borne disease outbreaks are studied as examples. Modern methods of quality management to minimize contamination of processed foods is discussed.