2006-2007 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

VIII. Graduate Programs

Business Administration

MBA Program

Admission Requirements

  1. A four-year undergraduate degree or its equivalent (from a recognized university or college) with an average of at least a B-(70-72%) in the last two years of study AND at least three years of industry related experience including supervisory and managerial responsibility. OR

  2. A general (three-year) degree and/or A diploma and/or An acceptable professional designation AND at least five years of industry related experience showing progressive increases in supervisory and managerial responsibility

In some cases the admissions committee may ask for a Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT).

Program Overview

The MBA course of study is based on the application of contemporary management concepts and strategies to industries where the University of Guelph has distinctive capabilities. Upon admission, participants choose an industry focus for their program. Currently, the industry concentrations available to students include Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Food and Agribusiness Management. Other industry concentrations are being discussed for future development.

The Guelph program involves a core group of courses that build and develop key managerial skills, courses that allow students to apply concepts and skills to management situations in their chosen industry, and course work is followed by industry-related research culminating in a major project or thesis. Case studies are widely used. Program prerequisites include relevant experience in the participant's chosen industry.

Core Courses

Participants complete seven core courses, which provide a foundation for graduate management education. These courses build and develop key managerial skills applicable in the private and public sectors of the economy. The core program is specifically geared to today’s manager- leader, team player, decision maker and coach:

Specialization Courses

Food and Agribusiness Management

The Food and Agribusiness Management specialization is designed to prepare graduates for advanced careers in the food, agribusiness and production agriculture sectors.

Working with faculty of the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, participants complete advanced courses related to the food and agribusiness sector:

Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Hospitality and Tourism Management specialization is designed to prepare graduates for advanced careers in the accommodation, food service and tourism industries.

Working with faculty from the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, participants complete advanced courses related to the hospitality and tourism sector:

  • Hospitality and Tourism Economics & Policy HTM*6170

  • Revenue Management HTM*6510

  • Hospitality and Tourism Marketing HTM*6300

  • Managing Service Quality HTM*6550

  • Safety and Risk in Hospitality and Tourism HTM*6530

  • Hospitality and Tourism Strategic Management HTM*6700

In addition, the program allows participants to choose to complete the requirements for the MBA degree by additional elective courses or by the completion of a major research project.

Major Research Project

The major research project is comprised of developing a research proposal, researching an applied management problem and requires data collection, analysis and the ability to link understanding of the problem with an appropriate body of literature.

Degree Requirements

MBA Online

The University of Guelph Executive Master of Business Administration (Online) program operates on a full cost recovery basis delivering a highly successful distance learning program that is a combination of electronic coursework and two one-week residential periods.

Guelph’s MBA program offers specializations in Hospitality and Tourism Management and Food and Agribusiness Management, and requires completion of thirteen courses and a major research project or fifteen courses.

Online courses are offered as 8-week modules that require approximately 20 hours of study per week. With Internet service you can study anywhere, anytime with the flexibility that enables you to balance family, career and study priorities.

The two one- week residential components are held at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada in the summer of each year.

Program Time Commitment and Duration

Participants normally complete the Online MBA within three years. Regulations state that participants must complete the program within six years. Courses are completed in sequence and are typically two months in length. Students are expected to devote 20 to 25 study hours per week to participate in the program.

MBA On campus

The MBA on campus program is designed for people who wish to complete the MBA in one intensive year of study.

The MBA on campus program also requires completion of thirteen courses and a major research project or the program may be completed entirely by coursework by completing fifteen courses.

The courses are completed on campus at the University of Guelph. Participants complete required coursework in three consecutive semesters beginning annually in September. A fourth semester is sometimes necessary to complete a major research project or thesis.

Computer Systems Requirements

On-Line MBA: Equipment Requirements

MBA Online participants are required to have Microsoft Office software and adequate peripherals to support the learning system, which must include CD-ROM capability and a sound card. A basic level of computer literacy is strongly recommended for the MBA program.

Online MBA participants are solely responsible to arrange for purchase/maintenance of recommended computer systems and software, and should have a contingency plan in the event of system failure. Participants may be required to upgrade minimum hardware/software based on rapidly changing industry standards and continuous development of state-of-the-art learning tools.

For information pertaining to the computer requirements contact our program administrative staff or visit our MBA web site: http://www.mba.uoguelph.ca/

On Campus MBA: Equipment Requirements

It is recommended that all On Campus MBA participants have access to a lap top computer equipped with Microsoft Office software.