2006-2007 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

VIII. Graduate Programs


MA Program

The MA program contains core courses in theory and quantitative methods. Fields are offered in most areas of economics.

Admission Requirements

The university requires that students have the equivalent of an honours degree at the baccalaureate level.

Admission to the MA program requires that students have a solid background in economic theory and econometrics from a recognized undergraduate program. Normally, the Department requires a 'B+' (upper-second class) average as a minimum.

Students whose background is not in economics but who are otherwise outstanding will be asked to register as a non-degree undergraduate program for at least one semester. Satisfactory completion of prescribed undergraduate courses will be a prerequisite to admission to the MA program. Applicants whose background in economics is difficult to evaluate may be granted admission as a provisional graduate student for one semester. If, at the end of the semester, the Department is satisfied with the student's progress, it will recommend to the Dean of Graduate Studies that the student be transferred to regular graduate student status.

The first round of admission decisions are made at the end of February.

Degree Requirements

The MA requires the completion of 4 course credits. Most one-semester courses have 0.5 course credits. With approval from the Department, up to 1 credit of the required 4 credits can be taken outside the Department of Economics. However students may, with approval, take additional courses from other Departments provided that their program includes at least six course equivalents (3.0 credits) from the Department of Economics. The minimum duration of the program is 2 semesters of full-time study as a regular graduate student.

There are two main routes to the MA in Economics: by course work and major paper, and by course work and thesis. Most candidates pursue the first route.

MA Core

Usually it takes three semesters to complete the requirements for the MA though it is possible to intensify the program and complete it in two semesters.

The program of study includes three core courses (ECON*6000, ECON*6020 and, at the discretion of the graduate committee, ECON*6180 or ECON*6140).

The alternative econometrics sequences are designed to benefit students with different undergraduate backgrounds. Students with a satisfactory record of undergraduate work in econometrics will be required to take ECON*6140, while those with less undergraduate preparation will be required to take ECON*6180. The course ECON*6050 is offered primarily to students outside the Department but is available to incoming MA students as an extra course in preparation for ECON*6180.

MA Options

In addition to the core (1.5 credits), students may take one of the following two options. The vast majority of students choose option (i).

  1. 1.5 graduate course credits and the Research Project - ECON*6940 (1.0 credit)

  2. 0.5 graduate course credits and a Thesis.

MA Co-op Stream

This option is part of a number of initiatives designed to increase the readiness of our graduates for the workplace. The co-op program is available only to Canadians and permanent residents. Degree requirements are the same as for the existing MA with the addition of one or two (consecutive) work semesters (four or eight months) and the writing of a work report. The length of the program is four or five semesters. The location of the work placement is arranged jointly by the Department of Economics and the University's Co-op Office. Admission is based partly on academic performance and partly on the student's resume.