2006-2007 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

VIII. Graduate Programs


Graduate Faculty

Hussein A. Abdullah
BSc University of Technology, MSc, Ph.D. Glasgow - Associate Professor
Shawki Areibi
BASc Al-Fateh, MASc Waterloo, Ph.D. Waterloo - Associate Professor
Andrea L. Bradford
BSc, PhD Queen's - Assistant Professor
Ralph B. Brown
BSc (Agr), BSc (Eng), MSc, PhD Guelph, PEng - Professor
Valerie J. Davidson
BEng McMaster, MSc Guelph, PhD Toronto, PEng - Professor
Robert Dony
BASc, MASc Waterloo, PhD McMaster, PEng - Assistant Professor
Khosrow Farahbakhsh
PhD Alberta, PEng - Assistant Professor
Dalia Fayek
PhD Waterloo, PEng - Assistant Professor
Bahram Gharabaghi
BSc Iran Univ. of Science and Technology, MSc Sharrif Univ. of Science and Technology, PhD Guelph - Assistant Professor
Karen D. Gordon
BSc Guelph, PhD Waterloo - Assistant Professor
Stefano Gregori
MSc, PhD Pavia (Italy) - Assistant Professor
Gordon L. Hayward
BASc, MASc, PhD Waterloo, PEng - Associate Professor
Isobel W. Heathcote
BSc Toronto, MS Yale, PhD Yale - Dean of Graduate Studies, Director of the Institute for Environmental Policy and Professor (Joint appointment with the Faculty of Environmental Sciences)
Douglas M. Joy
BASc Toronto, MASc Ottawa, PhD Waterloo, PEng - Associate Professor and Acting Associate Director
Edward McBean
PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PEng - Professor
Gauri S. Mittal
BSc Punjab Agricultural, MSc Manitoba, PhD Ohio State, PEng - Professor
Medhat A. Moussa
BSc American, MASc Moncton, PhD Waterloo - Assistant Professor
Radu Muresan
Dipl. Engg Technical Univ. of Cluj-Napoca (Romania); MASc, PhD Waterloo - Assistant Professor
Michele L. Oliver
BPE McMaster, MPE, MSc, PhD New Brunswick - Assistant Professor
Lambert Otten
BASc, MASc, PhD Waterloo, PEng - Professor
Ramesh P. Rudra
BSc Punjab Agricultural, MS, PhD Pennsylvania State, PEng - Professor
R. John Runciman
BSc Queen's, MSc Queen's, PhD (Strathclyde), PEng - Associate Professor
Warren Stiver
BASc, MASc, PhD Toronto, PEng - Professor
Bill Van Heyst
BASc, MASc, PhD Waterloo - Assistant Professor
Simon X. Yang
BSc Peking, MSc Sinica, MSc Houston, PhD Alberta - Associate Professor
Hongde Zhou
BSc Jiangsu, MSc China, PhD Alberta, PEng - Associate Professor
Richard G. Zytner
BASc, MASc, PhD Windsor, PEng - Professor and Acting Director