2006-2007 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar


February 8, 2007

Chapter VIII Graduate Programs

The following modifications were made:

  • Agricultural Economics and Business: PhD qualifying examination revision

    Agricultural Economics and Business: renamed Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics

    AGEC*6020 Economics of Food Safety and Quality: deletion

    AGEC*6220 Agricultural Policy: deletion

    AGEC*6240 Agricultural Trade Policy: deletion

    AGEC*6320 Cost Benefit Analysis: deletion

    AGEC*6360 Mathematical Programming: semester change

    AGEC*6420 Economics of the Firm: Concepts and Applications: deletion

    AGEC*6540 Advanced Price Analysis: deletion

    AGEC*6570 Advanced Agricultural Marketing Analysis: deletion

    AGEC*6610 Economics of Renewable Resources: deletion

    AGEC*6700 Advanced Resource Economics: deletion

    AGEC*6800 Seminar in Agricultural Economics: credit change

    AGEC*6910 Applied Policy Analysis I: addition

    AGEC*6920 Applied Policy Analysis II: addition

    AGEC*6930 Food Firms, Consumers and Markets I: addition

    AGEC*6940 Food Firms, Consumers and Markets II: addition

    AGEC*6950 Natural Resource Economics I: addition

    AGEC*6960 Natural Resource Economics II: addition

    AGEC*6970 Applied Quantitative Methods for Agricultural Economists: addition

    AGEC*6980 Agricultural Trade Relations: addition

    ANSC*6260 Digestion and Metabolism in the Ruminant: deletion

    ANSC*6400 Mammalian Reproduction: semester change

    ANSC*6470 Advanced Animal Nutrition and Metabolism I: addition

    ANSC*6480 Advanced Animal Nutrition and Metabolism II: addition

    ANTH*6000 Public Issues Anthropology: addition

    ANTH*6700 Pro-Seminar: deletion

    Biophysics: PhD degree requirements revision

    ENGG*6530 Reconfigurable Computing: addition

    FOOD*6110 Food Materials Science: name change

    FRAN*6000 Research Methods: re-instate

    FRAN*6010 Applied Statistics: re-instate

    FRAN*6020 Qualitative Methods: re-instate

    FRAN*6030 Quantitative Research Methods: deletion

    FRAN*6040 Introduction to Qualitative Methods: deletion

    FRAN*6050 Qualitative Analysis: deletion

    FRAN*6420 Introductory Applied Statistics: deletion

    FRAN*6430 Advanced Applied Statistics I: Regression & Advanced ANOVA Designs: deletion

    FRAN*6440 Applied Factor Analysis & SEM: title change

    HBNS*6020 Biodynamics: deletion

    International Development Studies: Rural Planning and Development department requirement change

    LRS*6060 Agrometeorological Instrumentation: semester change

    Mathematics and Statistics: MSc admission requirements revision

    MATH*6181 Topics in Applied Mathematics I: addition

    MATH*6182 Topics in Applied Mathematics II: addition

    PLNT*6490 Colloquium in Ornamental Plants: title and credit change

    POLS*6000 Comparative Approaches to Political Science: addition

    POLS*6050 Gender and Politics: addition

    POLS*6210 Conceptions of Canada: title and description change

    POLS*6390 Environmental Politics and Policy: title and description change

    POLS*6400 Comparative Social Policy: addition

    POLS*6450 Topics in International Political Economy: title and description change

    POLS*6630 Theoretical Approaches to Public Policy Analysis: title and description change

    POLS*6650 Organization and Decision Making Theory: deletion

    POLS*6750 Development in Practice: title and description change

    POLS*6940 Qualitative Research Design and Methods: title and description change

    Psychology: Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science: changes

    Rural Planning and Development: graduate diploma: termination

    RPD*6020 Rural Community Systems: deletion

    RPD*6040 Settlement Systems and Area Development Planning: Policies and Procedures: deletion

    RPD*6350 Northern and Native Development and Planning: deletion

  • UNIV*6030 Selected Topics in Animal Welfare: semester change