2007-2008 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

Appendix A - Courses

Environmental Design and Rural Development

EDRD*6000 Qualitative Analysis in Rural Development U [0.50]
Nature and use of qualitative data collection and analysis techniques by practitioners in the planning, implementation and evaluation of rural planning and development activities in both domestic and international settings.
EDRD*6050 Farming Systems Analysis and Development W [0.50]
An introduction to the Farming Systems Research/Extension approach to solving problems in tropical and sub-tropical agricultural and livestock production systems including problem diagnosis, stakeholder identification and the process of gereration, adaption and validation of solutions.
EDRD*6100 Disaster Planning and Management U [0.50]
Provides students with an understanding of the different measures to reduce community vulnerability and increase their ability to withstand disruption and recover from disasters, and of appropriate interventions in response to emergencies and disasters.
EDRD*6630 Regional Economics Models U [0.50]
Theories and research in regional economics stressing regional development, socio-economic accounting, analysis of structure and growth, economic base and multiplier models.
EDRD*6690 Program Evaluation U [0.50]
An advanced seminar dealing with the theory and practice of program evaluation focusing on public sector programs in agriculture and rural development, international and domestic case studies.