2007-2008 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

Appendix A - Courses

European Studies

EURO*6000 Research Methods F [0.50]
This course will: a) introduce students to the field and research methods of European Studies, b) familiarize them with field-relevant research skills and methodologies.
EURO*6010 European Identities F [0.50]
This core course examines historical and contemporary ideas of the 'nation' and of 'Europe' and their relationships to identity, from an interdisciplinary perspective. Using core concepts that span various disciplines, the course investigates the construction and implications of national, minority, European and EU identities.
EURO*6020 Myth, Fairy Tales and European Identities W [0.50]
An exploration of how myths and fairy tales have been refashioned in European literature, music and art to express political, social or psychological concerns. Examples will be chosen from different national cultures and epochs. Content will vary according to the interersts of the instructor(s).
EURO*6030 Women and the Arts in Europe: Seeking Expression F [0.50]
This course examines women's participation in the arts in Europe. Content will vary according to the interests of the instructor(s). Possible approaches: an examination of women's relationships to European cultural institutions, or the extent of women's participation in central pan-European artistic movements.
EURO*6040 Europe and the Discourse of Civilization U [0.50]
This course explores the genealogy of the idea of 'civilization' with respect to Europe as it emerges from the writings of medieval, renaissance, early modern and modern art historians, and its role in contemporary political discourse. Literature and music may also be included.
EURO*6050 European Integration and the EU F [0.50]
This course examines the contributions of international relations, comparative politics and/or governance/public policy to the study of European integration and the EU. Students will learn about the major concepts and theories of these sub-disciplines of political science to analyze the development, institutions, policy processes, policies and politics of the EU.X
EURO*6070 Topics in Comparative European Culture W [0.50]
An examination of a topic, period, or region in any aspect of European culture. The content of the course will vary according to the topic and the professor teaching the course at any given time.
EURO*6100 Research Project U [1.00]
This research project will result in a major paper of about 15,000 words. The student chooses a topic with the guidance of a faculty member. The topic must be approved by the Graduate Commitee.