2007-2008 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

Appendix A - Courses

Molecular Biology and Genetics

MBG*6000 Seminars in Molecular Biology and Genetics F,W [0.00]
A forum for topical discussions in molecular biology and genetics. Students in the MSc and PhD programs in molecular biology and genetics are required to register in this course for four and six semesters, respectively.
MBG*6020 Topics in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology W [0.50]
The course will review recent publications in molecular genetics and developmental biology, and provide opportunity for discussion of how recombinant DNA technology is being used in basic research and in biotechnology. This course is offered yearly.
MBG*6050 Recombinant DNA Technology S [0.50]
A laboratory course including DNA and vector purification, preparation of genomic libraries and subcloning using plasmid vectors, PCR, and Southern blotting. Please contact the department for detailed information.
MBG*6060 Topics in Cell Biology and Genetics F [0.50]
The course will review recent publications in transmission genetics, chromosome structure and recombination, and provide opportunity for discussion of cell biology topics where advances in genetics are having an impact. This course is offered yearly.
MBG*6080 Research Topics Course F,W,S [0.50]
This course will require that students research and write a proposal for the work they plan to pursue for their thesis topic. It must be taken within the first two semesters of a graduate program, and will be under the supervision of the student's advisory committee. Students will present a seminar on this literature review and proposal as part of their participation in this course.
MBG*6100 High Resolution Microscopy for Molecular Biologists W [0.50]
A laboratory course to acquaint students with high resolution light and electron microscopy technology common to molecular biologists and geneticists. The course includes hybridization and immunological probing techniques being applied to the cellular apparatus for gene expression as well as technology used with purified DNA and nucleoprotein complexes. This course is offered yearly.