2007-2008 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

Appendix A - Courses


MICR*6040 Advanced Microbial Physiology W [0.50]
A study of molecular structure-function relationships fundamental to the survival and growth of bacteria. Topics for study will be selected from the literature on bacterial cytology, bioenergetics, metabolism, enzymology and adaptation.
MICR*6070 Bacterial Structures and Virulence F [0.50]
A study of the roles of bacterial surface structures (LPS, capsules, flagella, fimbriae, outer membrane proteins) in the virulence of bacteria. (Jointly offered by the Departments of Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Pathobiology)
MICR*6130 Molecular Biology of Viruses W [0.50]
Replication strategies of virus genomes including prototypes of different animal, plant and (some) bacterial virus families; mechanism and control of viral gene expression; tumour virology; genetically engineered virus vaccines.
MICR*6423 Advances in Immunology and Immunochemical Techniques W [0.50]
Concepts and current knowledge of the diversity of immune response, experimental systems used in studying immunology, antigen-antibody reaction methods, monoclonal antibodies, antibody engineering, hypersensitivity reactions, autoimmunity, adhesion molecules and homing of cells of the immune system.
MICR*6500 Microbial Genetics W [0.50]
A study of recent research developments on the mechanisms of regulation of gene expression, DNA metabolism and genome analysis of microorganisms. (Offered in even-numbered years)
MICR*6540 Introductory Seminar F,W,S [0.25]
A literature review of a selected area of microbiological research concluding with a written research proposal, and a seminar on the information which is presented within the first two semesters of the program. The course is required for MSc students, but is optional for PhD students who have taken an equivalent course.
MICR*6590 Advanced Seminar F,W [0.25]
Public seminars on current microbiological or allied research topics. MSc students give one seminar while Ph.D. students give two seminars. The topics must be on subjects other than the student's area of research.
MICR*6950 Selected Topics in Microbiology U [0.50]
This course, offered on an irregular basis, provides opportunities for graduate students to study special topics of mutual interest under the guidance of graduate faculty members with pertinent expertise. Proposed course descriptions are considered by the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology on an ad hoc basis.