2007-2008 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

III. General Information

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student membership at the University of Guelph is associated with fundamental rights and responsibilities intended to maintain the integrity of the University as a community for learning. Staff, faculty and students co-operate to sustain an educational environment that promotes individual learning and development. The University is responsible for providing the resources and opportunities that the students require to succeed.

The University accepts that you are able to make responsible decisions regarding your own moral and social behaviour. The purpose of these regulations is to provide for an environment that supports personal and intellectual growth. These regulations are intended to recognize your rights as a student and the rights of others, while also identifying certain responsibilities of students that are a part of the exercise of these rights.

The Student Rights and Responsibilities brochure outlines the basis of conduct considered to be consistent with the goals and wellbeing of the University community and describes the process in place to review reported incidents of misconduct. The code of conduct was developed collaboratively by students, staff and faculty and is regularly reviewed by the entire University community.

For purposes of Student Rights and Responsibilities, a student is any person registered in an undergraduate or graduate program proceeding toward a degree, a diploma or a certificate at the University of Guelph, or otherwise taking credit or non-credit courses offered by the University, or any person who was a student at the time the alleged offense occurred. Allegations involving non-academic offenses for students registered in University of Guelph-Humber programs are handled under the procedures for Humber College.

As a student you have the RIGHT to access the Judicial system if a violation of this policy has occurred, whether that violation has occurred on or off campus, provided that the violation affects your ability to use and enjoy university facilities.

The term "University of Guelph community", as referenced in this document, includes the Regional Colleges at Alfred, Kemptville and Ridgetown.