2007-2008 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

II. General Regulations


Every candidate for an advanced degree is responsible for making application to graduate. The application must be filed when the thesis is submitted at Graduate Program Services or, where a thesis is not required, not later than the last date for thesis submission for the convocation concerned. The graduation list will be based upon these applications.

At the time of application for graduation, master's and doctoral students have the opportunity to choose an alternate degree designation to appear on the graduation diploma. A master's candidate may choose to have "Magisteriate in ..." rather than "Master of ...". A doctoral candidate may choose to have "Doctorate in ..." rather than "Doctor of ...". This designation will appear on the graduation diploma and the official transcript.

On completion of the graduate program, the student's university card must be submitted for invalidation at Graduate Program Services. The invalidated card is then presented at the circulation information desk in the library, where a clearance card is issued. Until these two steps have been taken, the student will not be eligible for the graduate degree, for a completed transcript, or for a fee rebate (if applicable). At least three working days must be allowed for clearance to be completed by the Division of Circulation and Interlibrary Services, McLaughlin Library.