2007-2008 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

VIII. Graduate Programs

Animal and Poultry Science

PhD Program

The PhD program is research oriented and provides instruction and experiences that develop the student's ability to independently formulate hypotheses and design and execute experiments or conduct observational studies to reach definitive conclusions.

Admission Requirements

Students entering a PhD program should show potential for independent, productive, and original research. A PhD program can be entered by three routes: following completion of an MSc program; following transfer prior to completion of an MSc program; and directly from a bachelor degree.

In general, a minimum average grade of `B' for a completed MSc program plus strong letters of reference are required. Students wishing to be considered for transfer to a PhD program prior to completion of the MSc program must request the transfer before the end of the fourth semester and have an excellent academic record as well as a strong aptitude for research.

Direct admission to the PhD program may be permitted for applicants who hold a bachelor's degree and have an excellent academic history and strong indications of research potential.

Degree Requirements

Satisfactory completion of a PhD program requires a comprehensive knowledge of the area of emphasis and the ability to conduct original research in this area, plus a sound general background in two related areas of study. This competence is demonstrated in a qualifying examination and through the design and execution of a substantial and original research project. Based on this research, a thesis is prepared and defended in a final examination.

The number of courses required for a PhD program will be decided by the student's advisory committee in consultation with the student. The minimum requirement is the Seminar course, ANSC*6600.