2007-2008 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

VIII. Graduate Programs

Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy

MA Program

Admission Requirements

The program requires a 4-year undergraduate (honours) degree in Sociology, Criminology or Political Science, but students with at least 5 courses in Criminology and/or Public Policy may be admitted as long as these were part of a major in another social science or humanities program. The program requires a minimum of a “B” average (second place standing) to be considered for admission. Generally, those admitted will have a higher academic average.

Degree Requirements

Students are required to complete 2.0 credits and write a thesis OR complete 3.0 credits and write a major research paper (MRP).

All students must take the following core courses:

SOC*6350 [0.50] Society, Crime and Control

Remaining credits can be fulfilled by taking elective courses, such as Courts CCJP*6000and/or certain courses in Sociology and Anthropology and Political Science. Also, CCJP students are allowed to take one fourth year course in the undergraduate Criminal Justice and Public Policy (CJPP) program as part of their degree requirements.