2007-2008 University of Guelph Graduate Calendar

V. Other Study Options

Animal Care Short Course

All graduate students utilizing animals at the University of Guelph must demonstrate that they are familiar with animal welfare issues and adequately trained in animal care and use. The overall objective is to introduce aspects of laboratory animal science, animal welfare and animal care, not to provide definitive answers. Specific objectives of the course are as follows: (1) to familiarize course participants with existing regulations and guidelines to explain the need for them; (2) to demonstrate the need for understanding animal care and welfare both for protecting the user and the animal from potentially harmful zoonoses and to help improve the quality of research and teaching; and (3) to put into perspective the moral and ethical obligations to the animal so the user can weigh objectively the costs to animals against benefits gained from their use.

Formal recognition on the graduate transcript is accorded to graduate students who successfully complete the Animal Care Short Course. This course is offered annually by the Animal Care Committee and by the Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare of the University of Guelph.