IV. Degree Regulations

Doctor of Veterinary Science

Program of Study

The program of study will involve course work and research work on a problem with applied aspects. The total program, including the research proposal, should be formulated as early as possible, but in no case later than the end of the second semester. Prepared in consultation with the advisory committee, the program is subject to the approval of the program committee and, ultimately, the dean of Graduate Studies. If it is necessary for any part of the program to be conducted off-campus, the arrangements are subject to the prior approval of the program committee and the dean of Graduate Studies.

Each semester, the student's advisory committee prepares a written evaluation of the student's performance in course work and of progress in applied skills. The evaluation will be discussed with the student before being sent to the program committee. If the student fails to make satisfactory progress, the program committee may recommend to the Board of Graduate Studies that the student be required to withdraw (see Cancellation of Registration).

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