IX. Graduate Programs


Graduate Faculty

Hussein A. Abdullah
BSc University of Technology, MSc, PhD Glasgow - Associate Professor and Associate Director
Shawki Areibi
BASc Al-Fateh, MASc Waterloo, PhD Waterloo, PEng - Associate Professor
Andrea L. Bradford
BSc, PhD Queen's, PEng - Assistant Professor
Ralph B. Brown
BSc (Agr), BSc (Eng), MSc, PhD Guelph, PEng - Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Valerie J. Davidson
BEng McMaster, MSc Guelph, PhD Toronto, PEng - Professor
Robert Dony
BASc, MASc Waterloo, PhD McMaster, PEng, FIEE - Associate Professor
Khosrow Farahbakhsh
PhD Alberta, PEng - Assistant Professor
Dalia Fayek
PhD Waterloo, PEng - Assistant Professor
Bahram Gharabaghi
BSc Iran Univ. of Science and Technology, MSc Sharrif Univ. of Science and Technology, PhD Guelph, PEng - Assistant Professor
Karen D. Gordon
BSc Guelph, PhD Waterloo - Assistant Professor
Stefano Gregori
Laurea, Doctorate University of Pavia (Italy) - Assistant Professor
John Gruzleski
BSc, MSc Queen's, PhD Toronto, PEng - Professor and Director
Gordon L. Hayward
BASc, MASc, PhD Waterloo, PEng - Associate Professor
Isobel W. Heathcote
BSc Toronto, MS, PhD Yale - Director of the Institute for Environmental Policy and Professor (Joint appointment with the Faculty of Environmental Sciences)
Douglas M. Joy
BASc Toronto, MASc Ottawa, PhD Waterloo, PEng - Professor
Wm. David Lubitz
BSc, MSc, PhD California - Assistant Professor
Edward McBean
PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PEng - Professor
Manjusri Misra
BSc, MSc, MPhil, PhD Utkal - Assistant Professor
Gauri S. Mittal
BSc Punjab Agricultural, MSc Manitoba, PhD Ohio State, PEng - Professor
Medhat A. Moussa
BSc American, MASc Moncton, PhD Waterloo, PEng - Associate Professor
Radu Muresan
Dipl. Engg Technical Univ. of Cluj-Napoca (Romania); MASc, PhD Waterloo, PEng - Assistant Professor
Michele L. Oliver
BPE McMaster, MPE, MSc, PhD New Brunswick, PEng - Associate Professor
Lambert Otten
BASc, MASc, PhD Waterloo, PEng - Professor
Beth Parker
BS Pennsylvania, MS North Carolina, PhD Waterloo - Professor
Ramesh P. Rudra
BSc Punjab Agricultural, MS, PhD Pennsylvania State, PEng, FCSBE - Professor
R. John Runciman
BSc Queen's, MSc Queen's, PhD (Strathclyde), PEng - Associate Professor
Warren Stiver
BASc, MASc, PhD Toronto, PEng - Professor
Bill Van Heyst
BASc, MASc, PhD Waterloo, PEng - Associate Professor
Anthony Vannelli
BSc, MSc Concordia, PhD Waterloo, PEng - Professor and Dean, College of Physical and Engineering Science
Simon X. Yang
BSc Peking, MSc Sinica, MSc Houston, PhD Alberta - Professor
Hongde Zhou
BSc Jiangsu, MSc China, PhD Alberta, PEng - Associate Professor
Richard G. Zytner
BASc, MASc, PhD Windsor, PEng - Professor and Associate Director
University of Guelph
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1