IX. Graduate Programs

Molecular and Cellular Biology

The MCB graduate program offers opportunities for interdisciplinary studies in molecular and cellular biology leading to the MSc and PhD degrees. The research groups directed by the faculty are engaged in the pursuit of fundamental and applied research questions involving diverse biological systems (plants, humans and other animals, prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbes). In general, they follow lines of scientific enquiry at the level of molecules to cells. The areas of emphasis and the faculty associated with those areas are:

  • Biochemistry (BCH) – Brauer, Clarke, Coppolino, Dawson, Emes, Graether, Harauz, Jones, Josephy, Kimber, Lam, Mangroo, Merrill, Nazar, Seah, Sharom, Tetlow, Whitfield, Wood, Yankulov

  • Cell Biology (CEB) – Bag, Bendall, Coppolino, Greenwood, Harauz, Jones, Lu, Mangroo, Mathur, Mosser, Mullen, Nazar, Robb, van der Merwe, Whitfield, Wood

  • Microbiology (MICR) – Allen-Vercoe, Clarke, Kaushik, Kimber, Krell, Lam, Lo, Lu, Meng, Merrill, Mutharia, Seah, Stevenson, van der Merwe, Whitfield, Wood

  • Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG) – Allen-Vercoe, Bag, Baker, Bendall, Colasanti, Jones, Kaushik, Krell, Lo, Lu, Mathur, Meng, Mosser, Mutharia, Nassuth, Nazar, Robb, Rothstein, Yankulov

  • Plant Biology (PBIO) – Colasanti, Emes, Greenwood, Mathur, Meng, Mullen, Nassuth, Nazar, Posluszny, Robb, Rothstein, Tetlow.

Faculty in Molecular and Cellular Biology also participate in the interdepartmental programs in Toxicology, Biophysics and Aquaculture .

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