IX. Graduate Programs

Family Relations and Applied Nutrition

The Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition offers MSc and PhD level graduate study in three fields:

  • Applied Human Nutrition

  • Family Relations and Human Development

  • Couple and Family Therapy

An accredited Master of Applied Nutrition (MAN) professional degree program is also offered. The inter-disciplinary faculty in the department have expertise in psychology, sociology, sexuality, adult development, education, social work, culture, family therapy, nutrition and physical activity. The overarching theme of the work in the department is enhancing lives through science and practice. The faculty share a common interest in expanding and applying knowledge about family relations and human development, especially in relation to the social, emotional, psychological, nutritional, and economic well-being of families across the life cycle. Please see the department website. Graduate programs with an emphasis on nutrition and metabolism are available in the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences; those with an emphasis on animal nutrition are available in the Department of Animal and Poultry Science.

Various ministries within the Government of Ontario require that current criminal reference checks be completed for all students, volunteers and successful candidates for employment who care for, or provide service to, children or vulnerable adults. Students enrolled in practica or field placement courses will be required to submit to the agency with which they are placed, personal information about any criminal convictions and pending criminal charges. The cost of acquiring this criminal reference check from the student’s local police department (Canadian police information check) will be the responsibility of each student. Applicants to the Couple and Family Therapy Program must submit the original results of this check to the Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition prior to beginning the program in September.

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