IX. Graduate Programs


PhD Program

The objective of the PhD program is to offer opportunities for advanced research within one or more of the three fields in the graduate program: socio-economic spaces and change, environmental management and governance, and biophysical systems and processes. Doctoral students conduct research relating to these areas at various geographic scales, from the local to the global.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the PhD program should have a recognized master's degree with an 80% ('A-') average in their postgraduate studies. Applicants must submit a statement of their research interests including some evidence of experience in their chosen research area. It is essential that applicants contact potential advisors in the department prior to submission of an application. Students are admitted in September and applications and supporting documentation should be submitted by January 10 for consideration in the first round for admission and funding. Applications received after this date shall be considered in the second round.

Degree Requirements

All students in the PhD program are required to complete the Geographic Scholarship and Research course during the first two semesters of study. The advisory committee may prescribe additional courses to help the student prepare for the qualifying examination and thesis research. All students in the PhD program must complete a qualifying examination and submit a satisfactory research proposal by the end of the fourth semester of study.

The qualifying examination has written and oral components and evaluates the student's knowledge of the broader scholarly field as well as the specific theoretical and empirical content of the intended research area. Submission and defence of an acceptable thesis on an approved topic completes the requirements of the PhD.

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