XII. Administration & Faculty

The Faculty of Graduate Studies

Assistant VP Graduate Studies

A. Clarke BSc, MSc, PhD Waterloo

Associate Dean

C. Paine BLA Illinois, MLA Michigan, FCSLA, FASLA, OALA

Graduate Faculty

Members of regular graduate faculty are appointed from among the faculty members of the university, on recommendation of their department chair or director of a school to the Board of Graduate Studies. Membership is contingent upon continuing participation in the graduate program of the university and is subject to annual review. Faculty members in departments without graduate programs may be appointed as graduate faculty in another department.

Graduate Faculty Categories

  • Regular Graduate Faculty: Regular Graduate Faculty are tenured and tenure stream faculty at the University of Guelph. (Contractually-limited appointments are not included in this category -- see Special Graduate Faculty.) In most cases, Regular Graduate Faculty are expected to hold a PhD or the most senior degree in their particular area of expertise with an appropriate level of scholarship. Exceptions to this guideline must be accompanied by justification to the Board of Graduate Studies outlining the nature and extent of the experience or other training that equips the nominee for membership of Regular Graduate Faculty. Individuals nominated to Regular Graduate Faculty may be involved with all aspects of graduate education including advising students and examining students and teaching graduate courses. Departments, programs, and schools are expected to provide support in the form of mentoring for newly appointed faculty to the University, especially individuals who do not possess previous experience advising students. It is strongly advised that programs require newly appointed faculty to serve as co-advisors linked with a more experienced faculty member in the early part of their career. It is expected that the performance of Regular Graduate Faculty will be assessed as an integral part of the Promotion and Tenure process.

  • Associated Graduate Faculty: Associated Graduate Faculty are appointed to serve as co-advisors and may participate in all other aspects of graduate education, but they may not serve as sole advisors. Associated Graduate Faculty status is not for members of the tenure stream of faculty at the University of Guelph, but rather for individuals who are a Professor Emeritus/Emerita, University Professor Emeritus, or hold a senior academic degree in their particular area of expertise and have appropriate research experience. They should have experience working on graduate student advisory committees. Appointments are for a four-year term, renewable upon application and a satisfactory performance review conducted by the host program, department, or school.

  • Special Graduate Faculty: Special Graduate Faculty are appointed for specific tasks in support of graduate programs, such as teaching graduate courses and serving on advisory and/or examination committees, but they may not serve as advisor or co-advisor. The roles and responsibilities of the nominee must be defined at the time of nomination, and each revision of the roles and responsibilities must be submitted for approval by the Board. Although senior academic qualification and experience is desirable for Special Graduate Faculty, this is not essential. The term will be consistent with the nature of the appointment.

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