Appendix A - Courses


AQUA*6000 Special Project in Aquaculture F,S,W [1.00]
An intensive learning opportunity focusing on an applied problem in the aquaculture industry. Completion of a literature review and project, in concert with hands-on experience with live animals, either in a research or commercial setting, form the basis of a final report and oral presentation to be made to a committee of the Aquaculture Inter\departmental Group. Practical experience is also gained through on-site training at the Alma Aquaculture Research Station.
AQUA*6100 Science and Technology in Aquaculture F [0.50]
A formal lecture, student seminar and essay course designed to examine the role of science and technology in the aquaculture industry. Latest advances in the scientific community are explored, with special attention to those developments having promise for commercialization and technology transfer to the private sector. The course will explore the relationships between basic and applied science, and the development of new technology for the industry.
AQUA*6200 Practicum in Aquaculture: Culture of Salmonids S [0.50]
Using a problem-solving approach, students will complete a series of modules at the Alma Aquaculture Research Station covering topics in water management, hatchery operations, propagation techniques, feeding and nutrition, health and disease, economics and regulatory issues. Students will solve practical problems from both a theoretical and applied perspective.
AQUA*6550 Aquaculture U [0.50]
Independent examination of the history, practice and future of aquaculture with special reference to the application of biological principles and knowledge to the production of aquatic organisms for food and other uses.
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