IX. Graduate Programs

Mathematics and Statistics

Graduate Diploma Applied Statistics

This program is aimed at providing advanced training in applied statistics equivalent to that obtained in a MSc, in selected areas of statistics judged to be most useful. It is ideal for individuals who are already employed in positions requiring statistical analysis and study design but who have had limited undergraduate training in statistics. Two core hybrid courses combine distance education with intensive on-campus training at the beginning and end of each course. A substantive research project typically revolves around an important problem from the student’s work environment. Modern statistical software is integrated into all aspects of the courses.

The program will also appeal to students who have recently completed an undergraduate degree with concentration in statistics and who wish to advance their employment prospects by further study in applied statistics.

Admission Requirements

The minimum requirement for admission to the program is a baccalaureate, in an honours program or the equivalent, from a recognized university or college.

The applicant must have achieved an average standing of at least second-class honours ('B-' standing) in the work of the last four semesters or the last two undergraduate years (full-time equivalent). The honours program must have included 1.0 credit in mathematics and 1.5 credits in statistics. 0.5 credits in matrix or linear algebra is recommended. The program directors may waive some requirements for students with substantive work experience.

Diploma Requirements

Course Requirements:

Students must successfully complete 2.0 credits, including:

  • STAT*6010
  • STAT*6020
  • STAT*6098
  • 0.50 credits selected from 4th year or graduate STAT courses, excluding STAT*6950 and STAT*6960. With departmental approval, this requirement may also be met by taking a graduate course at another university.

Project supervision:

Upon admission, students will select or be assigned a faculty supervisor or a pair of co-supervisors. The supervisors will be responsible to provide project guidance to the student for the project research and to grade the project.

Graduation Requirements:

Students must achieve a weighted (by credits) average of 70% in order to graduate.

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