II. General Regulations

Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities, Guidelines and Procedures

4. Academic Accommodation

Examples of academic accommodations available may include, but are not limited to:

  • Advanced provision of reading lists and other course materials to allow for alternate format transcription;

  • Alternate scheduling for the completion of course, project, thesis work, or Examinations, including competency examinations;

  • Extensions to program completion time limits;

  • Use of assistive technology in the classroom/ laboratory/ field (e.g. FM systems worn by Course Instructors);

  • Use of oral and visual language interpreters and/ or note takers in the classroom;

  • Use of audio and or visual recording of lectures;

  • Use of adaptive technology;

  • Support for Examinations including extra time, a private room, use of a computer, adaptive software or word processor, or access to a reader or scribe as needed;

  • Special seating; wheelchair accessible tables; and

  • Adjustments to lighting or ventilation.

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