IX. Graduate Programs


Graduate Diploma in Leadership

Students admitted into the MA (Leadership) program have the option to exit the program following the successful completion of 2.50 credits from the list of courses below. Students who elect this option are awarded a Graduate Diploma in Leadership. The Diploma includes the basic elements of the graduate program although does not require students to complete all of the prescribed courses of the MA (Leadership) program nor a major research project.

The Graduate Diploma in Leadership is awarded to students who complete the following five courses (2.50 credits) but elect not to complete the full course of studies required for the degree, MA (Leadership).

LEAD*6000 [0.50] Foundations of Leadership
LEAD*6100 [0.50] Theories of Leadership
LEAD*6200 [0.50] Leadership of Organizational Change
LEAD*6300 [0.50] Role of the Leader in Decision-Making
LEAD*6500 [0.50] Ethics in Leadership
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