II. General Regulations


Every candidate for an advanced degree is responsible for submitting an application for graduation whether they intend to attend the convocation ceremony or not.

There are three convocation periods throughout the year-- early October, mid-February, and early June. An application for graduation must be submitted by the student no later than the deadline for the specific convocation period as specified in the Graduate Calendar, Schedule of Dates. Late applications will be accepted with the submission of a late fee.

Although the Office of Registrarial Services will attempt to send an e-mail to every potential graduate inviting them to apply to graduate via WebAdvisor for Students (My Application for Graduation), it is the student's responsibility to ensure that they submit their application for graduation by the published deadline dates in Section III - Schedule of Dates in the Graduate Calendar

The last day WebAdvisor will be open for graduate students to apply to graduate at the upcoming convocation will be the 40th class day prior to the semester in which the convocation takes place. After that date has passed the student must use the hard copy application which is available at http://www.uoguelph.ca/graduatestudies/forms The hard copy application must be taken to Enrolment Services, UC level 3 so payment arrangements can be made and then the application must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies, UC level 3. The last day an application may be submitted for the upcoming ceremony is listed in the Schedule of Dates

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