II. General Regulations

Policy On Intellectual Property

The University of Guelph (the “University”) is one of the most research intensive universities in Canada, and has a long history of high-quality, innovative research that changes lives and improves life. The University is committed to enabling and supporting the people and partnerships that advance the quality, pre-eminence and societal value of the University’s research and creative endeavors.

It is recognized that in the course of research, new Intellectual Property will be created that may be commercially valuable and that may require patent or other protection in order to reach its full potential. Accordingly, the goal of this Policy is to encourage the creation of Intellectual Property and to facilitate its development and commercialization, while preserving the principles of academic and intellectual freedom.

No Personnel will be obliged to engage in the commercial exploitation of the results of their University Activities or to provide commercial justification for it, except as required in any grant application, award, or Contract.

The fundamental principle of this Policy is that, subject to the specific exceptions set out herein, Intellectual Property is owned by those who create it.

This Policy replaces the Inventions Policy (1991), the Copyright Policy (1989) and the Software Creation Policy (1989). It does not replace or supersede any other policy or collective agreement. This Policy became effective as of May 1, 2014 and is not retroactive. This Policy applies to all Personnel and may be found at http://www.uoguelph.ca/research/guelph-conduct-research/intellectual-property

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