II. General Regulations


Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence for Registration at Another University

University of Guelph graduate students, with prior permission from the Assistant VP of Graduate Studies, may arrange a Leave of Absence (LOA) to register at another university. Students should consult the Office of Graduate Studies about the options available when planning such activities.

Leave of Absence (LOA) from Graduate Studies

A “Regular” student (see Description of Graduate Students/ Category) may make arrangements in advance, subject to recommendation by the Graduate Program Committee and approval by the Admissions & Progress Sub-committee (A&P) of the Board of Graduate Studies, for a Leave of Absence from graduate studies for no more than three consecutive semesters. Requests for parental leave will be accommodated under the Leave of Absence regulations. The written approval of a Leave of Absence by A&P will include a specified adjustment to the program duration stated in the Maximum Registration policy (see Registration/ Maximum Registration).

The Assistant VP of Graduate Studies may routinely approve a recommendation from the Graduate Program Committee for a student request for a one semester Leave of Absence in which there is no adjustment to the program duration contemplated.

Requests to continue a Leave of Absence beyond three consecutive semesters must be submitted to the Graduate Program Committee for recommendation of approval to A&P.

Additional requests for a further Leave of Absence must be submitted for approval to A&P and are unlikely to be considered except in exceptional circumstances. As well, repeat requests for multiple semester leaves will not be considered except under highly exceptional circumstances.

During an approved Leave of Absence, graduate students shall not engage in activities related to their academic program (i.e. the student shall not engage in academic courses or activities including completion of incomplete courses from previous semesters, or research/ writing activities related to his/her academic program; the student shall not engage in communications or request feedback with/from his/her advisor or advisory committee related to his/her academic program; the student shall not use university research facilities related to his/ her academic program).

Failure to obtain prior approval for Leave of Absence will be considered as a voluntary withdrawal from graduate studies at the University of Guelph. A formal application for re-admission to the program will be required in order to resume studies, conditional on acceptance. Students who are re-admitted are subject to the policies and regulations of the calendar under which they were re-admitted.

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