II. General Regulations

Grounds for Academic Consideration

Academic consideration may be granted on the following grounds:

  • ∙ medical

    ∙ psychological

  • ∙ compassionate

    ∙ misapplication of regulations or procedures

    ∙ other special circumstances

Generally, work commitments will not constitute grounds for academic consideration. The necessity for documentation will depend on the situation. Students should contact their Advisor or Graduate Coordinator regarding documentation requirements.

If, due to medical, psychological or compassionate circumstances a student is unable to complete any portion of a course's work, the student should:

1. Inform the instructor-in-charge of the course in writing.

2. If the instructor requests it, supply documentation. If documentation is unavailable, consult your Advisor.

3. Complete and submit missed work by the new deadline established by the instructor.

4. Consult with your Advisor or Graduate Coordinator if you feel that appropriate consideration has not been granted by the instructor.

If the circumstances for academic consideration are such that they could affect a number of courses or completion of other work in the student's graduate program; or if the request for academic consideration involves a misapplication of regulations or procedures, or other special circumstances, the advisor or graduate coordinator should be consulted regarding an appropriate course of action.

If the student cannot reach a mutually agreeable course of action with the advisor or graduate coordinator, as appropriate, the student may discuss the issue with the department chair or the Assistant VP of Graduate Studies. See the Dispute Resolution Mechanisms section of the calendar at http://www.uoguelph.ca/Graduate Studies/calendar/geninfo/geninfo-por-drm. shtml.

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