IX. Graduate Programs

Business Administration

Graduate Faculty

The MBA program is administered and managed by the College of Business and Economics (CBE), through the Executive Programs Office. The MBA currently has three fields; 1) Food and Agribusiness Management and 2) Hospitality and Tourism Management and 3) Sustainable Commerce which are offered in partnership with academic units: the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (in the Ontario Agricultural College), the Department of Management (in CBE), the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management (in CBE), the Department of Economics and Finance (in CBE) and the Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies (in CBE).

From the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics (OAC):

Andreas Boecker
MSc, PhD Kiel - Associate Professor
John A.L. Cranfield
BSc, MSc Guelph, PhD Purdue - Professor
Brady J. Deaton
BS Missouri, MS Virginia Tech, PhD Michigan State - Associate Professor
Glenn C. Fox
BSc(Agr), MSc Guelph, PhD Minnesota - Professor
Getu Hailu
BSc, MSc Alemaya, PhD Alberta - Associate Professor
Spencer Henson
BSc, PhD Reading - Professor
Kalinga Jagoda
BSc Moratuwa, PhD Western Sydney - Assistant Professor
Rakhal C. Sarker
BSc, MSc Bangladesh, PhD Guelph - Associate Professor
Richard Vyn
BSc Dordt College, MSc Alberta, PhD Guelph - Assistant Professor
Alfons J. Weersink
BSc Guelph, MSc Montana State, PhD Cornell - Professor

From the Department of Management (CBE):

Ron Baker
BComm Sudbury, MBA Athabasca, PhD Birmingham - Associate Professor
Michele Bowring
BA Queen’s, MBA York, PhD Leicester - Assistant Professor
Francesco Braga
DOTT Milan, PhD Guelph - Associate Professor
Nita Chhinzer
BA York, MBA, PhD McMaster - Associate Professor
Julia Christensen Hughes
BComm Guelph, MBA, PhD York - Professor and Dean, College of Business and Economics
Elliott Currie
BA, MBA McMaster, CPA, CMA - Associate Professor
Rumina Dhalla
MBA, PhD York - Associate Professor
Jamie A. Gruman
BA Concordia, MA Lakehead, PhD Windsor - Associate Professor
Louise Hayes
BSc, MBA British Columbia, PhD Waterloo, CA - Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Kurucz
BA McMaster, MIR Toronto, PhD York - Associate Professor
Sean Lyons
BPA Windsor, MA, PhD Ottawa - Associate Professor
Sara Mann
BComm MBA McMaster, PhD Toronto - Associate Professor
Fred Pries
BMath Waterloo, MASc, PhD Waterloo, CA - Associate Professor
Davar Rezania
MSc Utrecht, MBA Derby, PhD Ramon LLULL, CPA, CMA - Associate Professor and Chair
Sandra Scott
BSc Toronto, MBA, McMaster, CPA, CA, CFA - Assistant Professor
John Walsh
BA Thames Polytechnic, MBA, PhD Western Ontario - Professor
Agnes Zdaniuk
BA Waterloo, MASc, PhD Waterloo - Assistant Professor

From the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management (CBE):

Joe Barth
BSc Guelph, MBA Wilfrid Laurier, MPS, PhD Cornell - Associate Professor and Interim Director
Hwan-Suk (Chris) Choi
BA Chung-Ang (Seoul, Korea), MTA George Washington, PhD Texas A&M - Associate Professor
Statia Elliot
BComm St. Mary's, MA McMaster, PhD Carleton - Assistant Professor
Joan Flaherty
BA, MA, MSc, Guelph - Assistant Professor
Kerry Godfrey
BSc Victoria, MSc Surrey, PhD Oxford Brookes, MBA Leicester - Associate Dean and Associate Professor
Marion Joppe
BA Waterloo, MA, PhD Univ. d'Aix-Marseille III (France) - Professor and Research Chair
Tanya MacLaurin
BSc, MSc, PhD Kansas State - Associate Professor
Bruce McAdams
BComm, MA Guelph - Assistant Professor
Erna van Duren
BA Waterloo, MSc, PhD Guelph - Professor
Michael von Massow
BA Manitoba, BSc, MSc Guelph, PhD McMaster - Assistant Professor

From the Department of Economics and Finance (CBE)

Francis Tapon
MBA Columbia, MA, PhD Duke - Professor
Ilias Tsiakas
BA, MA York, PhD Toronto - Associate Professor

From the Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies:

May H. Aung
BComm, MComm Burma, PhD York - Associate Professor
Sylvain Charlebois
BComm, MBA, DBA (Marketing) Sherbrooke - Professor
Vinay Kanetkar
BArch, MArch, MSc, PhD UBC - Associate Professor
Brent McKenzie
BA, Diploma in Business Administration, MBA, PhD Griffith University - Associate Professor
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