IX. Graduate Programs

Clinical Studies

MSc Program

Admission Requirements

Candidates must have either an honours baccalaureate degree or a DVM degree; licensure to practice veterinary medicine in Ontario is not required.

Degree Requirements

Students enrol in one of two study options: 1) thesis, or 2) course work and major research project..


The thesis option provides focused research training in areas related to veterinary medicine. Research projects may examine aspects of clinical practice or concepts but are not considered discipline or specialty training. Candidates are accepted based on adequate background preparation and availability of an advisor in the area of interest. Applicants should contact potential faculty advisors with established research programs listed in the department website

Positions are generally not funded by the researcher. Qualified applicants need to provide their own living expenses and tuition funds, or obtain a scholarship or sponsorship by an organization.

We do not offer a clinical Master of Science program.

The program involves a minimum of 3 courses, a research project and writing of a thesis. Candidates are required to carry out an independent experimental study and produce a thesis. Three graduate level courses are required.

Course Work and Major Research Project (MRP)

The course work plus major project option will comprise a minimum of 4.5 credits, including six 0.5-credit graduate courses and a mandatory 1.0 credit, 2-semester major project course. The major project course will be supervised by the student’s advisory committee, and will consist of a literature review, participation in a clinical research project or retrospective study, preparation of a manuscript suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, and presentation in a Departmental seminar. A mark will be assigned by the advisory committee, based on the manuscript and oral presentation.

There will be no required courses beyond the 1.0 credit project course. The remaining courses will be chosen from courses currently provided by the Department of Clinical Studies and other Ontario Veterinary College Departments, and will be tailored to the student’s particular research interests. It is anticipated that most courses will be taken from within the Department. Undergraduate courses will not normally be eligible for credit toward this program. Course selection will be made by the student in consultation with the advisory committee, and will be approved by the departmental Graduate Studies and Research Committee. This option will normally require a minimum of 3 semesters of full-time study.

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