IX. Graduate Programs

Computational Sciences

The School of Computer Science (SoCS) offers an Interdisciplinary PhD degree in Computational Sciences that encompasses Departments/Schools across Colleges within the University of Guelph.

The program provides a unique opportunity for students to study computing within the context of another discipline commensurate within their own interests and career goals. Students entering this Interdisciplinary PhD program will have the opportunity to perform research that bridges Computer Science with at least one other discipline. This approach recognizes that by the 21st century there is no other discipline like Computer Science that intersects virtually every other one in the sciences and humanities. All have been “colonized” by computerization, and their very success and future advances depend on educated individuals to bring the two together (Computer Science and disciplines within the Sciences and Humanities).

Students will have the ability to study Computer Science within the context of following disciplines: Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, English, Geography, History, Integrative Biology, Mathematics and Statistics, Pathobiology, Psychology and Veterinary Medicine.

Graduates will have demonstrable competence in the assessment of existing literature, research conceptualization and design, quantitative research methods and data-analysis techniques, as well as the ability to communicate scientific and technological findings effectively to professionals working in other research areas, all of which will prepare them for thriving careers in teaching, research and industry.

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