IX. Graduate Programs


MA Program

The MA program contains core courses in theory and quantitative methods.

Admission Requirements

The university requires that students have the equivalent of an honours degree at the baccalaureate level.

Admission to the MA program requires that students have a solid background in economic theory and econometrics from a recognized undergraduate program. Normally, the Department requires a 'B+' average as a minimum.

Students whose background is not in economics but who are otherwise outstanding should consult the Department website for further information. Applicants whose background in economics is difficult to evaluate may be granted admission as a provisional graduate student for one semester. If, at the end of the semester, the Department is satisfied with the student's progress, it will recommend to the Assistant Vice-President (Graduate Studies) that the student be transferred to regular graduate student status.

Program offices should be consulted for admission deadlines.

Degree Requirements

The MA requires the completion of 4 course credits. Most one-semester courses have 0.5 course credits. With approval from the Department, up to 1 credit of the required 4 credits can be taken outside the Department of Economics and Finance. However students may, with approval, take additional courses from other Departments provided that their program includes at least six course equivalents (3.0 credits) from the Department of Economics and Finance. The minimum duration of the program is 2 semesters of full-time study as a regular graduate student.

Students enrol in one of two study options: 1) course work and major paper ,or 2) thesis. Most candidates pursue the first route.

Course Work and Major Research Project (MRP)

Students complete the core courses (1.5 credits), 3 additional courses (1.5 credits) and the Research Project (1.0 credit):

ECON*6000 [0.50] Microeconomic Theory I
ECON*6020 [0.50] Macroeconomic Theory I
ECON*6180 [0.50] Econometric Methods


ECON*6140 [0.50] Econometrics I

1.5 additional credits


ECON*6940 [1.00] Research Project


Students complete the core courses (1.5 credits) 1 additional courses (.5 credits) and a thesis.

ECON*6000 [0.50] Microeconomic Theory I
ECON*6020 [0.50] Macroeconomic Theory I
ECON*6180 [0.50] Econometric Methods


ECON*6140 [0.50] Econometrics I

0.5 additional credit

and a thesis

Course Work in the Field of Financial Economics

ECON*6000 [0.50] Microeconomic Theory I
ECON*6140 [0.50] Econometrics I
ECON*6320 [0.50] International Finance
ECON*6380 [0.50] Financial Economics
ECON*6390 [0.50] Empirical Finance and Financial Econometrics
ECON*6930 [0.50] Reading Course

One of the following restricted electives

ECON*6020 [0.50] Macroeconomic Theory I
ECON*6490 [0.50] Money and Banking


ECON*6950 [0.50] Finance Research Project
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