IX. Graduate Programs

Environmental Sciences

The School of Environmental Sciences offers program of study leading to MSc, MES, PhD, and Graduate Diploma degrees. Graduate Studies in the Environmental Sciences programs are designed to train people to work independently and imaginatively with a high level of technical skill and scientific acumen. It is expected that the graduates of the SES program will provide leadership in research and training in academic, government, and industrial sectors of society and who will participate in the formulation and implementation of constructive national and international science policy.

The PhD program has three fields of specialization: 1) earth and atmospheric sciences; 2) ecosystem science and biodiversity; and 3) plant and environmental health.

  • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences – Research areas include: soil biology and soil physics, sedimentology, geobiology, soil chemistry, geochemistry, micrometeorology and air quality, soil and land resource management

  • Ecosystem Science and Biodiversity – Research areas include: toxicology, pest management, management of agroecosystems, microbiology, forest systems, agroforestry, climate change biology, ecology, and insect systematics and taxonomy

  • Plant & Environmental Health – Research areas include: plant biology, plant pathology, epidemiology, soil-plant interactions, biotechnology, molecular biology, forest systems, agroforestry, and climate change biology

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